adventures @ marben … everybody! wave your hands!


Toronto has a mad foodie scene! And here’s WHY …

Being a semi-newbie in town, I had never been to Marben Restaurant and only learned of chef Misha Nestreneko‘s upcoming departure from the Toronto dining scene only a few days ago. So needless to say, I was excited to sample some of this renowned chef’s creations!

Having been here for only a few months, I have already been fortunate to attend some amazing food events downtown. Enter: Ken Samuel from In Your Mouth TO! One of Toronto’s prevalent social media contributors in food & dining, Ken’s events are top notch, always taking place at fabulous settings, and consistently offering an appetizing set menu. What’s more, his events not only brings foodies together, but the set up is such a way that it encourages meeting and chatting with everyone that attends. Every event involves personalized and creative name tags, followed by various games, usually involving trivia questions pertaining to the event, via twitter. Only one person always walks away with the grand prize, but everyone leaves smiling from ear-to-ear!

And tonight was no different! Tonight we feast! In collaboration with Great Lakes Brewery, the main feature is the succulent roasted pig with homemade BBQ sauce, paired with a handful of side dishes, and various types of Canadian beer, “The Crazy Canuck” being the one we sampled at our table. This is a west coast pale ale with an aroma that has a bit of bounce, a lingering bitterness and balanced by a subtle malty flavour. C’mon Canucks! Let’s support the Great White North!


Who would think of eating roasted pig in such divine surroundings? Marben Restaurant! That’s who! The venue was tucked away downstairs, where the toasty coloured brick walls and plushy red velvet banquet seating along the parameters made for a cozy, intimate, and stylish setting. Two words, GET HERE! How? Marben Restaurant @ Yelp!


Juicy, meaty, and dripping in it’s own fat and oils, the roasted pig was succulent, flavourful and simply, delish! It was recommended by Andrew at the next table to dip the freshly baked bread with the roasted pig juices and top it with chunks of fatty pork pieces. Result? mmm, mmm, and mmm!

Side dishes that complimented the roasted pork were very creative:

Kimchi Apple Salad – with toasted cashews, house fermented cabbage

Braised Kale – with yukon gold potatoes, pork drippings

Baked Beans – with cranberry beans, smoked pork

Kennebec Fries – with truffle aioli, ketchup

Creamy Coleslaw – with grainy mustard, sunflower seeds

With a full array of tastes from spicy, sweet, salty, and smooth, the side dishes paired wonderfully well with the roasted pig and induced all of your taste buds!

EH!!! … EH??? …

Why not support Canada and try some local flavour from the eight beers crafted by Great Lakes Brewery! Their beers are truly unique! And how to explore Toronto’s food scene and stay connected with the local foodies here? Join Ken Samuel and other foodies at his next event by following him at In Your Mouth Toronto!


And finally, to chef Misha Nestreneko, we bid you farewell! I feel fortunate enough to have met him and to have tasted his culinary ingenuity! He was even gracious enough to make time for individual photos and have a brief chat with us about his exciting upcoming adventure in Australia! Cheers, mate! Toronto wants you back, and Australia is lucky to have you!

posing with chef mishan @ marben restaurant

posing with chef Misha Nestreneko

13 thoughts on “adventures @ marben … everybody! wave your hands!

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  2. Ha; I love seeing the event through the eyes of a foodie :) I’m very much a foodie-in-training, so this was a far more grandiose version of the night’s events than I could have aspired to!

    With that said, I hope you continue to keep me in mind for future events :) While I might not be an experienced foodie, I promise I’m still a lot of fun ;)

    Great seeing you at the event!

    • @CaseyPalmer – THANKS!!!!!! I found your post to be quite entertaining! It’s got spunk and energy, and I think you did a GREAT take on it! I will definitely keep you in the loop for foodie events, though I must emphasize, the foodie event guru to follow is Ken Samuel! I don’t really create events, I just attend and eat! =P

    • @CaseyPalmer – LOL! I should mention, when people send comments, I have to moderate them before you can actually see it on my website! Thanks for trying in vein! You are awesome to say the least!

  3. Ummm… Oink goodness… wonder if you could have made a poutine by mixing those truffle fries with the roasted oink… Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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